Youtube ReVanced

Download the latest version of YouTube Revanced APK, the alternative of YouTube Vanced. You can enjoy ad-free video, background music play, customization options, premium unlocked and many more.

Version : 19.11.38 | Size : 95.67 MB


You probably know that YouTube Vanced is no longer being updated. People are now looking for something like it, and we’ve got a great solution: YouTube Revanced APK. This new app gives you all the cool features of the YouTube app, just like before.

The people who made ReVanced are different from the ones who made Vanced, but they worked hard to include all the old features and even some new and better ones. There’s also another app called ReVanced Extended, made by someone named Inotia00, who’s part of the ReVanced team. We’ll tell you more about this app later.

With this app, you can do everything you used to do, plus some exciting new stuff. So, keep reading to find out more about the YouTube Revanced APK.

What is Youtube ReVanced?

YouTube Revanced is a brand-new YouTube mod that aims to continue the legacy of its predecessor, Vanced. With this app, you can enjoy all the premium features of YouTube for free, and there’s even a Revanced Music option that lets you access the premium features of YouTube Music.

This app is created by patching the original YouTube app with the help of ReVanced Manager. It’s similar to the Vanced manager. So, if you’re interested in creating or building your own app, you can also follow this process. However, I highly recommend installing ReVanced YouTube, as it functions flawlessly and offers all the essential features you need.

Features of Youtube ReVanced

Perfect UI Design

Enjoy the perfect UI design with no bug looks like original YouTube application. You will not find a single different from the original one. Also, you will enjoy more features that original one doesn’t have for free.

Background Play

Now listen and enjoy Music by playing it in background just like when YouTube Premium Provides. But we have provided this feature free for you. Even everything in this app is free.

Fully Secured

The YouTube Revanced is 100% fully secured. You have also the option to sign in with your GMAIL account but require MicroG for this.


As I mentioned earlier, YouTube ReVanced removes all the ads from the platform, which means creators do not receive any revenue when you watch their videos. However, there is one feature in ReVanced called “Whitelist.” You can use this feature to whitelist your favorite creators, allowing you to see ads and help your preferred content creators generate revenue.

Upload Youtube Videos

This feature is primarily intended for creators. If you are a creator and wish to use YouTube ReVanced, there’s no problem; you can easily upload videos to YouTube with the assistance of ReVanced.

Block Notifications

Sometimes notifications can be irritating, and YouTube sends numerous notifications for your subscribed channels. However, if you prefer not to receive notifications, ReVanced offers an option to easily block all YouTube notifications.


  • Hide button ad.
  • Hide general ads.
  • Hide paid content.
  • Hide self-sponsored cards.
  • Disable auto captions.
  • Hide Channel guidelines.
  • Hide channel member shelf.
  • Disable zoom haptics.
  • Hide community guidelines.
  • Hide compact banners.
  • Hide create button.
  • Hide End screen cards.
  • Hide Info panels.
  • Hide Merchandise banners.
  • Hide web search results.
  • Remember video quality changes.
  • Enable auto HDR Brightness
  • Disable zoom haptics.
  • Hide Like button.
  • Hide movies section.
  • Hide VR settings.
  • Hide artist cards.
  • Hide crowdfunding box.
  • Use old quality player menu.

Details of Youtube ReVanced Apk

NameYoutube ReVanced
Size98.50 MB
Mod InfoBackground Play
RequirementAndroid 8.0+

Download Youtube ReVanced for Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices

Download Youtube ReVanced for Non-Rooted Device

You must install MicroG before installing YouTube ReVanced in your android device. Otherwise, the app will not work in your device.

  • Get the APK file by clicking on the download link provided below.
  • The installation process is very easy, just like you used to install other apps.
  • Required: MicroG (Mandatory: must install this app before installing Revanced App)
  • Download links ReVanced (General and Extended) and MicroG are available below.

Download Youtube ReVanced for Rooted-Device

You must need a rooted device with Magisk SU to install this module. You don’t have to install MicroG as it already uses Play Store Services. But you need to install MinDetach Module to avoid PlayStore dependencies.

  • MicroG is not Required.
  • The installation process is some tricky, so you must have some technical or otherwise just follow our installation procedure guide.
  • Required: MinDetach Module to avoid playstore dependencies.
  • Download links are given below.

How was the YouTube ReVanced Apk built?

Creating an app like ReVanced is no easy task; it requires a significant investment of time and a set of specific skills. However, I’ll guide you through the process of how we developed this app. YouTube ReVanced was constructed using the ReVanced builder, a tool created by reisxd.

If you’re using a non-rooted device, you’ll need to download the Termux app, which is an Android emulator based on the Linux environment. You can easily obtain the Termux app from the trusted site. After installation, run the command provided below:

curl -sLo chmod +x ./

Once you enter these commands into the app, the process will initiate, and it will take some time to generate the app. So, relax and wait for the process to reach completion. After the process concludes, you’ll find the .apk file in your internal storage. Congratulations, you have successfully built the apk!

However, for a more convenient and user-friendly experience, you can easily download YouTube ReVanced directly from our website.

How does this App work?

Download App

Click on the Download button and download the app.

Sign in with your Gmail.

Sign in with your gmail account but you need to install MicroG.

Enjoy the app.

Enjoy the application with no bugs and no ads. A fully secured app free for you. Enjoy 🙂

Difference Between ReVanced and Vanced

Limited customizationIncorporates custom-branding.
Default Playback SpeedCustom Playback Speed
YouTube shorts are permanentYou can disable shorts.
The “Get Premium” splash screen is displayed.You can conceal the “Get Premium” splash screen.
The Creator watermark cannot be removed or edited. It remains permanent.It is possible to conceal the creator watermark.
Premium branding is not applicable to YouTube Premium accounts.YouTube Premium accounts feature premium branding.


Here are some Frequenly Asked Questions about Youtube ReVanced apk

Yes, YouTube Revanced app is 100% free for your android device. It contains all the features for free with no extra additional hidden charges or premium plans.

No, the app is 100% free from ads and malware.

Yes, you can sign into your Google account, but first, you need to download MicroG. Once you have downloaded it, you can enjoy the benefits just like a premium user.


This is all about YouTube ReVanced. I hope you will find all the information you need regarding this application. There are more ReVanced-related applications mentioned on our website that you can check out. Furthermore, if you encounter any problems with this application, please feel free to reach out to us through the “Contact Us” page, and our team will definitely help resolve your issues. Additionally, I recommend installing ReVanced YouTube from the official website to ensure it is free from viruses and malware.